Newtin Branders

Corporate Website for a printing and branding company

Newtin Branders

Newtin Branders is a brand endowed with vibrant, goal-oriented and talented young entrepreneur. Breaking through the world of printing and graphic design, they want a website that showcases their works and resonate their passion with design. The chosen website developer was Depriweb. Given a mandate to transform their ideas to reality, a unique approach was adopted to make their website a simple but classic piece.


  • Modern website design.
  • Custom graphics, illustrations and animation.
  • Fully responsive website (desktop & mobile).
  • Image optimization, through lazy load techniques.
  • Cross browser compatibility of all major browsers, including: Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera.
  • Modular approach to provide flexible layouts and full control over management of content


The chosen platform was WordPress
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